RSK Business Solutions specialises in delivering consultancy services that help Clients minimise business risks and maximise their business performance. Our web-based Sustainability & Environmental Risk Management Solution (SERMS) is a perfect fit for Construction companies, House Builders and Clients, who manage a variety of construction related projects. SERMS has been developed using a modular approach, allowing our clients to select individual or multiple modules – helping them to design a solution that truly meets their business needs.

Environmental KPI Tracker

The Environmental KPI Tracker module helps our clients to capture their environmental and sustainability data – including Energy, Mileage, Carbon/CO2,   Waste, Re-cycling - at a project level.

This information then typically feeds into our clients corporate social responsibility reporting – helping them to achieve their overall sustainability or CSR commitments.

As part of the overall product development, it became apparent that whilst our clients were capturing Environmental data or Sustainability data at a corporate level, they could not easily obtain similar data at a project level. For our UK based clients managing a large amount of projects (or properties), gaining visibility of this information for the first time, was the key to helping them achieve their overall business objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

The existing subjects cover the relevant on-site volumes for Fuel Consumption, Material Consumption and Recycling, although the themes, descriptions and units of measure can all be tailored to meet our client’s individual reporting requirements.

The Aggregate Reporting enables the business / senior management to view a consolidated volume across all projects, business units or regions in the UK, whilst also monitoring progress of the monthly submissions and therefore which client Project Managers or contractors/sub-contractors are yet to submit their environmental data for each specific period.